Free Delivery Service to Locals !!

Due to the current circumstances surrounding our area, MVH is temporarily offering free delivery of our products to local customers who purchase $30 or more.  

We are offering this service to the local areas of:

          Christiansburg, VA

          Blacksburg, VA

          Radford, VA

          Floyd, VA

          Roanoke, VA

If you would like to purchase our hops soaps, salves, lip balms, candles, or any of our other products that you have seen on our website or at our farmer's markets, and you live in or near one of these locations, please email us directly using the, "Contact Us" link above.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

We hope to be back at the local Farmer's Markets soon. 


Now Accepting Hop Plant Pre-Orders for the 2020 Season

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following varieties, please email us by clicking on the image to the right.  We can then provide you with pricing and shipping options.  

All descriptions of the listed varieties can be found by clicking on the, "Varieties" tab at the top of the page.

Currently Available Varieties:

Canadian Redvine





Pacific Gem

Southern Cross

Wye Challenger

Note:  We can usually supply enough plant material for a half acre hop yard or less (<500 plants).

Click on the image to contact us for pre-ordering

Click on the image to contact us for pre-ordering

Announcements !!!


Looking For Male Hop Plants !!

MVH is currently looking for male hop plants for our breeding program.  Our focus is on finding a male plant growing in the Commonwealth of Virginia that has been here for decades, or longer! 


Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be currently growing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and have been growing in this state for several decades, preferably longer.  (Other Mid-Atlantic states may be considered on a case by case basis.)
  • Must be a male hop plant. 
  • Must appear healthy and possess good growth vigor.

Once located, the plant will NOT be removed from its current location, unless the landowner requests it.  MVH has non-invasive procedures to procure plant material without removing or destroying the plant.  

Male hop plants produce only flowers.  No cones!  See the adjoining photo to help in identifying a male hop plant.

  • Please contact us if you know of, or have access to a specimen that meets the above criteria.