Announcements !!!


Looking For Male Hop Plants !!

MVH is currently looking for male hop plants for our breeding program.  Our focus is on finding a male plant growing in the Commonwealth of Virginia that has been here for decades, or longer! 


Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be currently growing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and have been growing in this state for several decades, preferably longer.  (Other Mid-Atlantic states may be considered on a case by case basis.)
  • Must be a male hop plant. 
  • Must appear healthy and possess good growth vigor.

Once located, the plant will NOT be removed from its current location, unless the landowner requests it.  MVH has non-invasive procedures to procure plant material without removing or destroying the plant.  

Male hop plants produce only flowers.  No cones!  See the adjoining photo to help in identifying a male hop plant.

  • Please contact us if you know of, or have access to a specimen that meets the above criteria.