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Our Greenhouse is Starting to Fill Up!!

Order your hop plants now for the 2019 season!

The 2019 growing season is now upon us.  Get your order in now so that you will have plants by June and July!!

Visit our "Current Varieties" page below and find out what varieties are available from MVH this year.

Email us now at info@mountainviewhops.com to ensure that you will be on the propagation schedule.  (It is on a first come first serve basis)



2019 MVH Small Scale Hops Growing Workshop

Tickets Are Still Available!! Don't Delay!!


Mountain View Hops is proud to present and host the Small Scale Mid-Atlantic Hops Growing workshop on June 22, 2019.  

If you have ever been interested in learning how to grow hops in your own backyard or on a small one acre or less plot of land, then this is the workshop for you! Topics include planting, trellis designs, soil nutrients, pruning, pest/disease controls, harvesting, marketing, and more! There will be regular intermissions between the main presentation to network with fellow attendees.   

This workshop is designed to educate, and engage potential and current small scale hops growers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  This will be an all day event complete with presentations, guest speakers, and access to the MVH hop yard right next to the event.

The event will begin at 9 AM on June 22, 2019, and end around 3 PM.  Tickets go on sale starting on January 1, 2019 through June 15, 2019.

The workshop will be held under a tent; however, all hop yard walk-through's are conducted outside and subject to the weather conditions at the time.  Please dress appropriately for the conditions and bring any rain gear, mud boots, sun glasses, etc. as needed.  Snacks and drinks are welcome as the presentations will last for several hours with intermissions.  No alcohol please.  Smoking is allowed at designated areas.  Restroom facilities and chairs will be provided.  Lunch will also be provided with vegetarian options.  

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To learn more about this event to include currently scheduled speakers and ticket costs, please click the "Purchase Tickets" button below.

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Announcements !!!


Looking For Male Hop Plants !!

MVH is currently looking for male hop plants for our breeding program.  Our focus is on finding a male plant growing in the Commonwealth of Virginia that has been here for decades, or longer! 


Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be currently growing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and have been growing in this state for several decades, preferably longer.  (Other Mid-Atlantic states may be considered on a case by case basis.)
  • Must be a male hop plant. 
  • Must appear healthy and possess good growth vigor.

Once located, the plant will NOT be removed from its current location, unless the landowner requests it.  MVH has non-invasive procedures to procure plant material without removing or destroying the plant.  

Male hop plants produce only flowers.  No cones!  See the adjoining photo to help in identifying a male hop plant.

  • Please contact us if you know of, or have access to a specimen that meets the above criteria.  

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