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     Mountain View Hops, LLC was established in 2018 with an initial focus in providing quality propagated hop plants at an affordable price with dependable growth characteristics to existing and beginning hop farms of a half acre or less throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Our initial stock was planted in the spring of 2016 and has steadily grown in number of plants and varieties. 

     MVH has trialed over 26 different cultivars to date. We currently have over 15 varieties in production that are continually evaluated in our own small-scale hop yard nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. This testing allows us to determine which commonly available cultivars and pest management practices might perform best in the mid-Atlantic.


     As viability testing continues and cultivars become available, the varieties we offer will change and expand. It is with this gained knowledge that we can more accurately provide existing and developing hop farms with cultivars that can do well in this geographic region. We furthermore test various trellising designs and other farming practices that can make small scale hop farming a more financially viable and less labor-intensive industry in which to get started.

     As MVH has grown, we have been steadily branching out into other markets with our hops. We expanded to selling the cones to wineries and kombucha producers, as well as more beer brewers. MVH also produces and sells hop soaps, hop candles, hop ornaments, and other hop related products. 

     In the early months of 2019, MVH began a small scale hops breeding program.  It is our hope that we will eventually produce a cultivar that has the growth and brewing characteristics that are best suited for the Mid-Atlantic region.  This makes MVH one of the first hops breeders in Virginia.

     We look forward to continuing our experiments in growing hops, but also in marketing and creating unique hop products that will expand the knowledge and understanding of the Mid-Atlantic hops industry. 


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