Who Has Been Using Our Hops


Homebrewer's are using our hops in 2018 and loving them!!

During and after the harvest of 2018, several local homebrewer's used our hops and gave us great reviews for them.  One brewer noted that our Cascade variety was much fresher and "way more potent" than what they were accustomed to getting from pelletized hops.

In the Fall of 2018, most of our harvest was sold to Rising Silo Farm Brewery in Blacksburg, VA

MVH is awaiting final reviews on some of the varieties.  However, strong positive opinions were given to us on our Centennial variety.  One of the brewers at that brewery provided us with some excellent feedback on them.  The description was that the vacuum sealed packaging we used was excellent in providing freshness which presented a strong fresh floral character when opened.  The cones broke apart easily and did not cause any issues during the brewing process.  We were told that these cones were the "best" that they had "ever used".    



2019 Brewing Feedback

During the 2019 harvest we sold to two separate breweries in our area.  We also started sharing some of our harvest with a local kombucha maker. 

Chaos Mountain Brewing Company

Chaos Mountain was a new buyer during the 2019 season and had very good success with our Challenger and Southern Cross varieties.   The head brewer mentioned to us that the Southern Cross did great in a lager that they had produced and that it showcased a unique and pleasant "lemony" characteristic.   

Rising Silo Brewery

Rising Silo bought again from us this season and they produced an excellent "wet hopped" ale with fresh cones from our Cascade variety.  They also purchased other varieties such as our Columbus, Chinook, and Canadian Redvine varieties.  We are awaiting brewing trials for those cultivars and feedback from their use.

Tea Beast Kombucha

We recently began working with Tea Beast Kombucha in an effort to produce several flavors of kombucha with hops in them.  This is an ongoing process and is showing very good promise.  Stay tuned with us and Tea Beast for upcoming releases.

The Future

For the 2020 season, we have recieved requests from Chaos Mountain Brewing Company, Rising Silo Farm Brewery, and Tea Beast Kombucha to supply hop cones for them.  We look forward to the 2020 season harvest and to supplying these great companies with more of our hops.  Stay tuned.