Japanese Beetle

     The Japanese Beetle is a hard bodied pest commonly found eating on the leaves of roses and grapes. However, hops are another favorite food of these beetles and infestations can become severe. They eat the leaves in a similar fashion to earwigs and leave behind a skeletonized look (Fig 1). 

     There are a number of registered pesticides available to commercial growers for the control of these pests, however MVH has found that organic pyrethrin products work effectively. Kaolin clay (such as Surround) and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can also act as irritants and deterrents to these beetles. Scent traps can be used, but must be placed properly or any beetle problems could become worse.

(Fig 1)  Skeletonized hop leaves from Japanese Beetle damage

(Fig 1)  Skeletonized hop leaves from Japanese Beetle damage