Propagation Protocols

1.      Sanitation guidelines are maintained for all equipment used in the propagation process (shears, vials, pots, etc.)

2.      Clean water and sterile potting mix are used throughout the propagation process.

3.      All cuttings are introduced into a regular 7-10 day fungicide spray rotation with continual monitoring in between. More frequent applications are made if necessary.

4.     All potting mixes, pesticides, and most fungicides used on propagated cuttings are organic in nature (Neem, Copper, insecticidal soaps, etc.). 

5.     The hop nursery, including all Motherstock, is inspected by the Virginia Department of Agricuture and Consumer Services and our nursery permit is issued accordingly. 

6.    Only visually inspected choice cuttings are taken from the Motherstock and then grown in 6" pots to allow for maximum root development, health and transplant readiness. 

7.     All plant material will have been recently sprayed with an organic fungicide prior to delivery or pickup.