Two-Spotted Spider Mite

     The two-spotted spider mite is a tiny mite that is often too small to see fully with the naked eye (around 1/50th of an inch). They begin to show up typically during summer months during dry periods.  Infestations can quickly go from minor to severe if not addressed early. During high infestations, a spider web-like webbing can be seen along with a patchy-like discoloration of entire leaves (Fig 1 & 2). 

     Many commercial grade insecticides are available for commercial growers to control spider mites. However, MVH has found that Neem oil and insecticidal soaps are effective organic controls for two-spotted spider mites.


(Fig 1)  Patchy-like discoloration of leaves


(Fig 2)  Spider web-like webbing caused by the two-spotted spider mite